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Below is everything that you need to get a good idea of how the investment works. There are over a dozen interviews with all of the team involved in the making of this movie for you to view. 
  • Please take some time to watch the interviews of our PR guru Mark Borkowski (Mamma Mia), David Garrett from Mister Smith (behind the $3B Twilight franchise), and Peter Dunne (Shrek) who all talk about their excitement at being involved in MIDAS MAN and their expectations for the film.
  • There's an additional video from Peter Dunne that talks about COVID-19 and explains with lucidity why our film will be made.
  • There's a video entitled 'The Team.' This is a quick snapshot of all of the people, films and projects our team have been involved in. I'd advise you to check this out as it's spectacular. 
  • There's a jaw-dropping selection of some of the movies Twickenham Studios have been associated with. They've been around since 1913, so we had to be quite selective. 
  • We've included two videos of client events that we held at BAFTA and also The Soho Hotel. 
  • Once you've taken in all of this feel free to get into the nuts and bolts of the investment and take a look at the Investors Memorandum (IM) including forecasts, risks, returns and of course, a contract. 
There's a lot of information here to take in. I know we mention this a lot, but do take the opportunity to chat to one of us, we will tell you how everything works and then leave you to make up you own mind in your own time. 

The Cast



Brian Epstein

Fortune-Lloyd dazzled international audiences with his portrayal of chess prodigy-turned-journalist, Townes, starring alongside Anya Taylor-Joy in Netflix’s worldwide hit series The Queen’s Gambit which has become the biggest watched TV show in Netflix History with over 64 Million households tuning in.
His film credits include Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Agatha Christie adaptation Crooked House alongside Glenn Close.
As we have Twickenham Studios as our co-producer who won an Academy Award for their work on Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s difficult not to compare the casting of Rami Malek (Freddie Mercury) in Bohemian Rhapsody. At the time, Rami was fresh from playing the lead in the US smash, Mr Robot. Two years later, he's got an Oscar under his belt and he's playing Safin, the archetypal villain in 'No Time To Die,' the biggest Bond movie of all time. 

The Team




Renowned Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund has made his mark with his distinctive storytelling and visually driven signature style that often pushes the boundaries of the status quo. He is an internationally awarded director of feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, and stage shows.
He is represented globally by distinguished production and management companies including RSA/Black Dog Films, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Limited, Anonymous/Serial Pictures.
Full bio at jonasakerlund.com



Perry joined forces with Kevin Proctor back in 2016 to create StudioPOW. Together they raced from the starting line to make the critically acclaimed Funny Cow. The movie was picked up by industry giants eOne at script stage and went on to receive a national release and dozens of 5 and 4 star reviews from the Financial Times to The Sun.
Since then, he’s gone on to make the soon to be released Cordelia starring Sir Michael Gambon and Johnny Flynn. And, over the coming months, his time is well and truly consumed by overseeing the pre-production of MIDAS MAN and A Gift From Bob to be released this Christmas.
Kevin BW



Kevin has more than 20 years of experience in the British Film Industry having worked on numerous films including Hot Fuzz, Inception and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, along with a number of successful independent films, including Adulthood. 

Kevin was the producer for both of StudioPOW’s first two films, Funny Cow and Cordelia. The comedy-drama Funny Cow had its world premiere at the 2018 London Film Festival and has been met with universal critical acclaim and box office success. Kevin’s attention to detail – both creatively and financially – delivers films that are impeccably managed and endure for years. Having worked his way up through the production ranks from assistant to coordinator to production manager and finally line producer, Kevin turned to producing after acquiring the skill set, and contacts, needed to become a successful producer.




Trevor was one of the most successful and talked-about Creative Directors in UK Advertising. His campaigns for Wonderbra (Hello Boys) and French Connection UK (FCUK) caused a scandal, controversy, media attention and gigantic sales-hikes in equal measure. He masterminded the marketing campaign for New Labour, helping Tony Blair towards three General Election wins and his ad agency BMB was made Marketing Agency of the Year in 2007.

Having hired Duncan Jones (fledgeling film director and son of David Bowie) to work at BMB, Beattie made a radical career shift towards filmmaking, collaborating with Jones on the BAFTA-winning MOON starring Oscar winner Sam Rockwell in 2008. Beattie went on to produce the acclaimed NUREYEV, the 2016 Grierson winning ATTACKING THE DEVIL with Jacqui & David Morris and feature documentary SPITFIRE with David Fairhead & Ant Palmer. 


Jeremy Chatterton-min-1



Jeremy is a twenty-five year veteran of the advertising, sports and entertainment industry. He has worked with Trevor Beattie for twenty years as a partner at BMB. Most recently he collaborated on two feature documentaries with Trevor; executive producing the 2016 Grierson winning ATTACKING THE DEVIL as well as the Universal Pictures acquired feature documentary NUREYEV. Working with Trevor, Jeremy will oversee the film’s brand values and ensure they are communicated through the marketing materials.


Peter Dunne


Executive Producer

Peter is widely recognised as one of the foremost marketing and distribution executives in the industry. Having worked and lead teams at Warner Bros. and Dreamworks SKG, Peter has worked on the global release campaigns for films as diverse as AMERICAN BEAUTY, CHICKEN RUN, CASTAWAY and SHREK, A.I., GLADIATOR, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and ROAD TO PERDITION. Peter continues to represent major filmmakers including Steven Spielberg (THE BFG) and Travis Knight of LAIKA for BAFTA-winning KUBO and the OSCAR®-nominated MISSING LINK.



Executive Producer

Mark is one of the most influential PRs in the UK and one of the foremost international entertainment publicists in the industry. Mark will be coordinating the publicity for the project and for the film’s release and distribution.

Recently Mark conducted campaigns for MAMMA MIA and BIRDBOX on Netflix representing Susanne Bier the first female director to win an OSCAR®, Golden Globe, an Emmy Award and a European Film Award, collectively.



CDG - Casting Director

Dan works as casting director on big-budget blockbusters such as ANGEL HAS FALLEN, HELLBOY, LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER and LARA CROFT: CRADLE OF LIFE to smaller independent films like CHURCHILL, SUITE FRANCAISE, HARRY BROWN and THE DAMNED UNITED.

He works extensively with director Paul Greengrass - casting CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, UNITED 93, JASON BOURNE, GREEN ZONE, BOURNE ULTIMATUM and BOURNE SUPREMACY.



Screen Writer

Jonathan Wakeham is the co-writer of FilmNation’s upcoming thriller Misanthrope with director Damián Szifron (Wild Tales). He is a trustee of Arts Emergency, a charity for marginalised young people entering arts education and careers. He’s represented by Humphrey Elles-Hill at Independent Talent.



Script Writer

Brigit Grant has been a national newspaper journalist and film writer/critic for 37 years, working for The Sunday and Daily Mirror, Sunday Express and Daily Telegraph.

She edited publications for BAFTA, The European Film Awards and launched and edited the celeb magazine Crunch in New York, Zee in India and MoBo in the UK.

Nicola Pearcey


Executive Producer

Nicola Pearcey is a leader, founder and pioneer in the film industry. 
She has worked at only the biggest powerhouses of film such as Lionsgate (where she was president), Walt Disney and MGM Libraries. The franchises she has worked on include the global phenomenon James Bond, Pixar and Miramax. Further to that, she has made a remarkable impact in the European markets where her contributions where invaluable and has worked on UK releases of blockbuster franchises including The Hunger Games, John Wick and The Expendables alongside La La Land, Knives Out and locally-acquired features Military Wives, Fighting With My Family, Eddie The Eagle and McQueen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following articles should give you an overview of how investing in Midas Man works

Snapshot of how things work
We have traditionally raised our budgets for our movies through private investors like yourself. A considerable percentage of all of our clients began their investment journey by perusing the same pages that you are now.  

The investment in Midas Man works as follows.

Clients place their funds into the Midas Man vehicle. You will be benefiting purely from the success of this film. The performance of past and future movies developed by us will not affect your investment.  

Shooting is scheduled to begin in Summer 2021. However, unlike many smaller studios, we are in a powerful position as we are in co-production with Twickenham Studios which gives us the availability to some of the worlds finest studios to shoot our movie once social distancing restrictions are relaxed.

Shooting the movie will take 6 - 8 weeks with an additional twelve weeks in post-production with Twickenham Studios (Bohemian Rhapsody).

As we have some of the biggest names in film marketing and distribution in our team and we expect Midas Man to be one of the most talked-about movies of next year.

Midas Man will begin generating sales revenues once it has been released to the viewing public in the fourth quarter of 2021. Income will be generated from Cinema, Auxiliary (Airlines and Hotels), streaming, DVD and television.

All revenues from sales go directly to investors first. Studio POW and our partners do not begin to receive any returns from Midas Man until our investors have fully recouped their initial investment and have received an additional 20% profit.

Once investors are 20% in profit, we then begin to split all further gains between Studio POW and our investors for the life of the movie.

Collections Agent
An independent third party will collect all funds from the sale of the film. These are referred to as a Collections Agent.

They will handle the collection of all funds created from theatrical, video on demand (Netflix, etc.) auxiliary (Airlines, Hotels etc.) DVD and Terrestrial. This is to protect the investors by making sure that every penny a film makes is returned as it has been agreed.
I hope this snapshot of the investment process was helpful. 
Forecasted Returns

Clients investing in our Stand Alone model are generously positioned at the front of the fiscal waterfall. The returns are reduced over two rounds of funding, paying the most advantageous returns to the early investor. Below we have outlined the potential returns from investing in our Midas Man movie when utilising the Stand Alone option.

The budget for the movie is £8m and we intend to raise £7.5m through the stand-alone option. We will allocate the remaining budget to EIS investors. This option differs greatly from our EIS vehicle for four primary reasons.

  1. 100% of all net revenue generated by the exploitation of the film goes back to stand-alone investors first.
  2. Stand Alone investors receive 100% of their investment + 20% uplift before the studio, talent,
    producers or director begin taking their share.
  3. All returns are then split 30/70 in favour of the studio for Round One investors and 25/75 in favour of the studio for Round Two investors.
  4. Returns continue for the life of the film.

In addition to our stars and StudioPow, we have some of the most powerful marketers and admen in the business working on our film in Mark Borkowski (Mama Mia, Birdbox) and Trevor Beattie(Moon, Nureyev).

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and look at the type of returns you could expect to see from the sales of Midas Man. There are several ways of forecasting sales for a movie so that investors get a feel of what they are likely to see as an ROI. With our past films, we’ve used sales agents’ predictions. To forecast a potential return for Midas Man, the performance of five separate film biopics have been taken into account

  1. Walk the Line (a biopic of Johnny Cash)
  2. Nowhere Boy (a story about the early life of John Lennon) 
  3. Ray (a biopic of Ray Charles)
  4. Rocketman (Elton John)
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody (a biopic of the rise of Queen)

They all achieved significant international recognition but in reality, biopics of bands, musicians and musical events are limited in number primarily because there are relatively few of them whose story warrants a film.

In the case of Midas Man, it is rarer still. He is the man who discovered, re-modelled, drove and managed The Beatles. He also discovered Cilla Black, Billy J Kramer and Gerry and The Pacemakers. He also promoted bands such as The Who, Pink Floyd, The Jimmy Hendrix Experience and many more. Some would say that Brian Epstein’s story is unique.

We are breaking our £8m standalone raise into two rounds:

Round One £3m (SOLD OUT)

All investors in Round One will receive 100% of their investment back plus 20% uplift before StudioPow begin to take any share of the profits. Once investors are in a 20% position of profit, all further revenue will be split 30% / 70% in favour of StudioPow. This includes revenues from Cinema, Airlines, Downloads, DVD and global television sales and any additional music revenues for as long as it is commercially viable.


Round Two £4.5m

Round Two raises a further £4.5m, and as in Round One, all investors will receive 100% of their investment back plus 20% uplift before StudioPow begin to take any share of the profits. Once investors are in a 20% position of profit all further revenue will be split 25% / 75% in favour of StudioPow. This includes revenues from Cinema, Airlines, Downloads, DVD and global television sales and any additional music revenues for as long as it is commercially viable. The split is slightly reduced due to the film being substantially de-risked.


How returns are generated

The parties mentioned below are all integral to the production and subsequent exploration and collection of the revenues generated by the movie.

  • Studio POW
  • Twickenham Studios
  • Production Accountant 
  • Sales Agent
  • Collection Agent

Midas Man is scheduled to begin filming in Summer 2021. After the 6-8 week shoot has wrapped the film will begin post-production at Twickenham Studios which will take 12-weeks. All developments from each stage of the filmmaking process will be circulated under the supervision of the Studio Pow team.

The Production Accountant will handle all funds for the pre-production and production of Midas Man. This is an individual outside of the accounting firm that handles the day to day accounting for Studio POW and specialises in the handling of the development and spend for Midas Man as the film is shot.

The Sales Agent will decide which film festival Midas Man will launch at. In addition to this, they will begin to broker the film across the UK and Worldwide. The primary platforms they focus on are:

  • Theatrical - Cinemas
  • Auxiliary - Airlines and Hotels
  • VOD - Video on Demand: Amazon, Apple, Hula, Netflix etcetera
  • DVD - There is still life in this platform
  • Pay-TV - Sky and the global equivalents
  • Free TV - BBC, CH4 and the global equivalents

The above list of revenue streams is not the definitive list. This will expand to include streams such as music, TV serialisations and other areas of exploration that will benefit the standalone and EIS investor. 

As the sales agent begins selling the movie across the globe, we will engage the services of a collections agent - Freeway Entertainment. 

They handle the collection of all of the funds that are due from the exploration of Midas Man from all platforms around the world.

Funds arrive with Freeway Entertainment who acknowledge receipt and subsequently distribute funds directly to Studio POW. We expect funds to begin arriving with our Midas Man investors by the first quarter of 2022.

Studio POW then distributes funds as per contractual obligations to investors on a bi-annual basis for perpetuity.

For purposes of clarity; investors will receive a quarterly statement in arrears showing all funds distributed.  

Investors will receive their initial seed investment amount tax-free. However, all further returns will be classed as income and taxed accordingly. All profits and gains will be allocated to investors every six months.

Why we use private investors funds and not banks

One of the reasons that we enjoy working with private investors as opposed to banks is down to the flexibility that individual investors can offer a studio. Due to the rigidity of banking loans, they do not always dove-joint well with the film making process.

Unforeseen delays such as weather, illness and market conditions can delay the shooting or release of a movie.

Raising funds through private investors gives filmmakers the flexibility to absorb short delays without having to endure fines or penalties. As part of this relationship, the studio puts investors in first position so that they receive priority returns from the film, ahead of us at the studio.

The current COVID-19 situation is an extreme example. However, it's still a working example of the benefits of why we use private investors and not banks to raise funds The shooting of Midas Man was delayed and our client base understands the conditions we are in.

This creates a perfect working relationship between studio and investor. 

This type of flexibility is not always available when working with a bank or financial institution and the primary reason we acquire investment from individuals such as yourself.

How will the film be made if social distancing remains in place for longer than expected?

Film industries around the world are once again firing up with productions in countries such as China and the U.K resuming.

Branches of the state-owned TV network, China Central Television, have reopened in Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao and Xi’an, and TV series such as Legend of Fei and Like a Flowing River have resumed production. The director of the $160M budget The Great Wall starring Matt Damon is also reported to have begun filming again on his current movie, Impasse.

Each country has its own set of guidelines and protocols to adhere to when filming during the pandemic, for the U.K. production chiefs have implemented strict measures to ensure shoots can continue. These include quarantining the film crew and a requirement to prove knowledge of “epidemic prevention”.

We intend to follow the same process here in the UK with new protocols being established to adhere to social distancing while working on set. We are likely to see a completely different feel to film sets during the coming year, with very strict rules regarding who’s onset - unfortunately, that means no client visits to sets for the foreseeable future.

Decisions around some scenes in films and TV programs, as well as activities on-set, look different as we head back to production. We need to prepare and get used to a new way of film life when producing especially if social distancing is to be in place well into the future. Some of the measures introduced include:

- Hair and makeup stands are to be 2 metres apart
- The use of CGI (computer-generated imaging) to film crowd scenes
- No sex scenes at all
- Standard social distancing applies at all times (2-metre distance between all persons)
- Only elbow greetings are allowed (no kissing or hugging under any circumstances)
- No communal activities or food will be allowed

Despite these never seen before restrictions and adjustments that need to be made, we can take encouragement from the fact that we are able to return to set and as a result, it is full steam ahead in our preparations to ensure all the necessary protocols and safety measures are put in place when we go to camera.

The safety of our cast and crew is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to providing a working environment that adheres to the guidelines set-out and meets the highest standards in regards to health and safety at all times. We look forward to working with our incredible team and traversing new territory with them on our endeavours to make a brilliant film.

How will the film generate returns if cinemas remain closed?

We are planning to release Midas Man in Autumn (2021) and we anticipate that by then, things will have returned to normal.

However, in the unlikely event that cinemas once again close, we would sell the film to a streaming platform such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. The models for SVOD (streaming video on demand) sales differ from platform to platform but typically return a 30% premium over costs. In addition to this, there is a considerable market for DVD sales and of course the long-established route for global TV sales.

We are fortunate that due to the backing of a major studio and the global appeal of Midas Man we will be in a position to release our film in 2021 and capitalise on the lack of content being created. As such we expect to offer our investors a healthy ROI that outperforms alternative markets, even in the unlikely event that we do not secure a cinema release for Midas Man.

We will continue to monitor and adapt where necessary to the unique set of challenges the pandemic presents and remain steadfast in our approach to act in the best interest of the film, our investors and team. Every decision we make is taken after consideration from the advice of expert opinion strategic input.

Listen to the sagacious words of Peter Dunne, Executive Producer on Midas Man, and one of the most experienced Producers we have ever worked with. (He’s worked with the best, including Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg). 

He encapsulates in 4 minutes why our film will be an outstanding success.  

International licensing and distribution

David Garrett, the CEO of our Sales Agent, Mister Smith Entertainment, will be in charge of the international licensing and distribution of Midas Man. David is a highly respected and influential figure within the global film sales arena and we are very proud to have him on our team. You’ll see from the 5-minute video below that despite David’s epic CV he is a quietly spoken, humble man who doesn’t excessively trumpet his spectacular past. So, I have taken it upon myself to do it for him.
He was one of the founding partners of Summit Entertainment who handled numerous billion-dollar franchises and a catalogue of iconic movies that you will most certainly have seen.
He managed the Twilight saga franchise, the box office sensation that grossed over three billion dollars and broke a string of cinematic records in the process, both globally and domestically. In addition to the Twilight franchise, he was also behind the Step Up franchise which grossed in excess of one billion dollars.
I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn't mention at least a handful of some of his iconic movies, American Pie, Die Hard 3, The Blair Witch Project, Memento and Donnie Brasco are all movies that have no doubt, made you laugh, scared you senseless or had you on the edge of your seat for 120 minutes.
Why don't I casually throw in that he had a close working relationship with Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks for six years and more recently assisted in bringing to the world huge hits such as Spielberg’s BFG and The Post starring Meryl Streep.

I could wax lyrical about David for hours. He is the real deal and one of the reasons why Midas Man is going to be such a huge success next year.


While the pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges for all filmmakers, we have found ourselves to be in an incredibly strong position. The demand for Midas Man is outstanding, and due to the shortfall in movie production, the value of Midas Man is arguably higher than before the pandemic. 

We continue to follow the government's guidelines regarding filmmaking, and we are set to begin production in Summer 2021. 

These are indeed, unique times. Whatever hardships you may have experienced through the COVID-19 pandemic, you can feel rest assured that Midas Man will not only be made but will go onto become the definitive movie on Brian Epstein and his legacy.  



StudioPOW is a production company who develop and produce distinct and identifiable independent feature films and television with international appeal. Their entire back catalogue has been financed through private investment. FUNNY COW, shot in January 2017, was selected for the London Film Festival where it received its World Premiere. eOne released FUNNY COW in cinemas nationwide on April 20th 2018. Richard Hawley’s stunning soundtrack to the film was released on April 21st 2018. Australia, New Zealand and Canadian theatrical release followed and to date, it has played at the Galway, Dinard, Chicago, Nimes, San Francisco and Vancouver Film Festivals.CORDELIA, produced in association with Twickenham Studios, is now complete along with THE BOOKSHOP, which marks Susan Lynch’s directorial debut.


Trevor Beattie Films

Trevor Beattie Films was formed by ex-advertising executives Trevor Beattie and Jeremy Chatterton, to bring their craft discipline and decades of experience in commercial short-form film making onto the big screen. It is a career cross-over which began with Beattie’s involvement in the production of Duncan Jones’ BAFTA-winning sci-fi cult classic MOON in 2008. TBFilms work uniquely through all aspects of the film making process, from investment through production and potential brand involvement, to the marketing and PR of movies to at-home and cinema audiences. Midas Man is TBFilms first collaborative project with StudioPOW in what will be a multi-title venture.

Simons Muirhead & Burton LLP

Simons Muirhead & Burton LLP are our legal advisors with over 35 years experience working across many practice areas to support individuals, growing businesses and large organisations, from a range of industries and business sectors.


Twickenham Studios

With over 100 years’ experience, Twickenham Studios is one of the leading UK studios offering both production and post-production services. The studio offers three stages, production offices, art departments, prop and costume stores. The Post Production department offers state of the art dubbing theatres and grading theatres for film and television. Twickenham Studios have worked on some of cinemas most iconic movies from THE ITALIAN JOB to BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY and some of the biggest recent TV productions such as BLACK MIRROR, McMAFIA and THE DURRELL'S.


Mister Smith Entertainment

Worldwide sales, co-ordinated by Executive Producer Peter Dunne, will be managed directly by Mister Smith Entertainment. Mister Smith Entertainment’s founder David Garrett, who had previously been a founding partner in Summit Entertainment before selling it to Lionsgate in 2012, will spearhead the sales campaign. David is one of the most successful sales agents in the industry and has been responsible for a host of hugely successful films including THE BFG, THE POST, LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, MR. & MRS. SMITH, AMERICAN PIE and the multi-billion dollar TWILIGHT saga films.


Freeway Entertainment 

Freeway Entertainment Group is a rights management company specialising in collection account management, revenue sharing and distribution within the global entertainment industry. They have built strong partnerships with leading media rights holders from around the world and have worked on more than 4,000 productions, many of which have been globally successful.



'Brian Epstein, the famed Beatles manager who is often referred to as “the fifth Beatle,” will be the subject of a biopic, Variety reports. Director Jonas Åkerlund has been tapped to helm the upcoming Midas Man.'

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